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Thai food is a type of Asian food that does not get enough recognition. Everyone focuses on Chinese and Japanese food, but when people try Thai food, they wonder why they didn't try it earlier. So if you are at a Japanese restaurant like Urban Japanese Fusion Cuisine, then you should consider ordering Thai food instead of something Japanese. Some elements of the food will be familiar, but it will also be different enough to stand out from other Asian foods. So if you were anticipating getting some Japanese food, why not order some Thai. You will be amazed at the quality this type of food has to offer. So what type of Thai food is found at Urban Japanese Fusion Cuisine? Well, it is worth mentioning that most entrees are curry base, but you can add any type of meat you want, whether it be chicken, beef, shrimp or others. So it's similar because it's prepared the same way as Chinese and Japanese and it's served with rice and/or soup. The main difference has to do with how spicy Thai food can be. You can indicate how spicy you want your food to be, but it's always going to be a bit spicy. Now many Asian dishes have a significant spice factor, so if you are going to a Japanese restaurant, then you should enjoy the Thai food that we provide. So if you are in the mood for Thai food, then you should consider going to Urban Japanese Fusion Cuisine for your Thai food. We will provide quality food, and can give Thai food a great first impression if you have never had it before. For more information, you should check out our website to see all the different combinations we provide when it comes to Thai food. Come see us the next time you're in Southaven, MS.