Hibachi Grill

Hernando, MS

One of the best things about the culinary arts is that chefs are willing to experiment with food. This is how fusion cuisine started out. This is where chefs mix elements from different food styles to create a brand new type of dish. This has been proven to work well and Urban Japanese Fusion Cuisine is proof of how good fusion can be. This Japanese/Thai restaurant is able to show you a wide variety of Asian cultures on your plate and can ensure that such fusions are done well. Now if you don't want to experiment, then that's fine. We want to accommodate the wants of all our patrons. We therefore ensure that our fusion leaves a great first impression. So if you have never tried fusion cuisine before, then you need to try it the next time you are at Urban Japanese Fusion Cuisine in the Hernando, MS area. Our chefs will make sure we give fusion a good first impression, and can come up with creations and combinations that you never thought of putting together. To give you an idea of what we can do, you should check out our website urbanjapanesefusion.com and look at our gallery. You will find so many creations involving shrimp, beef and many other Asian creations. We are so confident in our products that we are willing to let people see our creations without walking into the restaurant. Some people might be turned off from the idea of fusion, but if it's done well enough, like we do, then you will enjoy a fantastic dinner. There's a lot of different food to try and it's exhilarating to take something familiar when it has a twist to it. If you like to try your favorite foods in a different style, then you should stop by Urban Japanese Fusion Cuisine for something new and refreshing.