Fusion Cuisine

Germantown, TN, MS

If you are looking to fill your needs through a freshly made, grilled top, healthier version of the best Japanese food in town, come have a gander at what we can offer you at Urban Japanese Fusion Cuisine, Germantown, TN's finest hibachi grill specialists. Our well-trained, professional, and caring staff will make sure to fulfill your needs to be able to give you and your family the best experience in town. Our lunch specials offer the best quality hibachi menu from the tastiest choices of Chicken, Shrimp, Scallop, Steak and even Ribeye and Lobster choices! These platters will be enough to keep you coming back for more when you are in town. Not only will you be able to enjoy these platters, but you will also be able to combine entrees to satisfy that double craving in you. If you are looking to have Chicken and Shrimp to stay on the healthy side, or to have that all-out battle between good and evil in combining Lobster and Ribeye Steak, your taste buds will be the winner, taking you into victory. Even the kids can enjoy our natural selections of Hibachi platters to satisfy their every need. Kids are easier to please, but our selections will allow them to enjoy a great selection at a great price. Our lunch and dinner specials will have you wanting more from the first chance that you take a glance at our menu until you are served by our highly trained professional waiters. Come check out our website to get a good first-hand look at what we can help you with at urbanjapanesefusion.com. Your Hibachi cravings will not only be satisfied, but we will also plant a seed inside of your taste bud memories. Visit us at Urban Japanese Fusion Cuisine, in Germantown, TN. Try us today!